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Ever striving to present and celebrate the strange, beautiful, devastating, and hilarious truth. Let's continue, shall we? And maybe sometimes we'll sing and dance a little, just for fun.

The Roommate at BCT.
The Roommate by Jen Silverman
Actor Anchor


Serious about pretending, heck I'll use whatever works—drawing from early years as a mime, Carnegie Mellon, 20-plus with The Barrow Group community in NYC, an MFA program in devised performance at UArts/Pig Iron, and much more. Something new? I'm game. I learned to play drums for Mom—A Rock Concert Musical! about a bunch of soccer moms who form a band that unexpectedly takes off. I appeared as Robyn in The Roommate and Judy in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, both at Boise Contemporary Theater. 

Photos by Andy Lawless courtesy of BCT, and Chris Monroe.

Director Anchor


Whether kitchen sink realism or full-on fantasy, I give full resonance to the script and the world it suggests. My goal is for audiences to forget they're watching a play and instead find themselves completely immersed in what's unfolding before them. I have directed numerous works in NYC and beyond in both professional and actor training settings, most recently A Walk in the Woods at The Barrow Group.

Photo credits: Edward T. Morris, Amanda Embry, Forrest Leo. 

Deviser Anchor


Devised theater is any original performance work, created by either a solo artist or any number of collaborators. 


Most recently Another Agatha with Migration Theory, which premiered at Philly Fringe Fest 2019.


While at Uarts/Pig Iron, dozens of characters emerged from this Lacoq based physical and ensemble training. The program culminates in the "catapult" projects, semester-long devised productions. My company's catapult, Visitation, was inspired by Ted Chang's short story "Hell is the Absence of God."

Photos by Lindsay Browning courtesy of UArts/Pig Iron School.

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